Forge An Amazing Beard Workshop

Forge An Amazing Beard Workshop
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Date: Sunday - March 11th, 2018

Time 5:00 - 7:00pm

Location: 213 N. Aurora St, Downtown Ithaca

Narrative Space, is hosting a workshop/seminar on the art of grooming a beard with award winning beardsmith Elijah J. Weber-Han.

For a ticket price of $15, attendees will receive hands on training in daily grooming and tips on managing daily beard challenges such eating in public. Additionally, guests will receive a 20% discount on beard grooming supplies and products such as Baxter, J. S. Sloane, and Topo dopp kits.

As beards become more and more fashionable many men are trying their hand at growing out their facial hair only to give up frustrated. Why? Most beard instructionals take on a one size fits all approach. Just like people, beards are very unique and require individualized care to satisfy the owner and the admirer alike. Elijah will discuss individualizing your beard, selecting daily beard products and accessories, and how to avoid daily mishaps like getting your beard caught in your coat zipper. This will be a delightful time for beard owners and admirers alike. Seating is very limited.