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Colter Co. Insect Shield Treated Know Your Knots Bandana


Now available with Insect Shield treatment! Insect Shield treated bandanas will repel mosquitos, ticks, fleas, chiggers, and no-see-um's for the expected life of the product. You can wash them and use them just like a normal bandana. They don't smell of feel any different. They just keep bugs away. Pretty great, right?!

Now get any of our bandana designs with this amazing additional layer of benefit. These make an amazing addition to any pack list, survival kit, bug out bag, or everyday carry.

Take your knot tying guide with you where ever you go. Practice or teach knot tying in the outdoors without needing to worry about getting your favorite knot book wet, or how much battery life your phone has left.

16 essential climbing, sailing and survival knot diagrams printed on a versatile and rugged bandana. Not to mention the thousands of uses for a bandana. 

An excellent gift for the outdoors enthusiast on your list. 

Printed on 100% cotton. Made and printed in the USA. 22" x 22" square. 

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